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Stick Ninja Survival

Stick Ninja Survival is an exhilarating rogue-like arcade game featuring dynamic 2D stickman characters locked in a battle against menacing monsters. The ominous Red Moon rises as the Red Sun sets, plunging the world into a state of sheer terror. In the midst of chaos and fear, people scatter to escape the relentless onslaught of monstrous creatures.

As a player in Stick Ninja Survival, your main objective is to master the art of dodging enemies and their deadly projectiles utilizing automatic attack mechanisms. Throughout your gameplay, you will collect valuable gem resources that can be used to enhance your character's abilities, skills, and talents, amplifying your chances of survival in this hostile world.

Embark on an epic journey through a treacherous landscape where danger lurks at every turn. Test your reflexes, strategic thinking, and combat skills in the face of relentless adversaries. Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping gameplay of Stick Ninja Survival and experience the thrill of narrowly escaping perilous situations with each heart-pounding encounter.

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