Candy Kingdom Skyblock Parkour

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Candy Kingdom Skyblock Parkour
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Candy Kingdom Skyblock Parkour

Embark on a thrilling adventure in the Candy Kingdom Skyblock Parkour game where the king and queen urgently need to flee from their skyblock world! Your crucial mission is to aid them in escaping this perilous realm. Teaming up with a pal, guide the royal couple through the challenging parkour-style landscape. Traverse each intricate parkour stage methodically, ensuring the safety of the king and queen. The ultimate goal at the end of every level is to reach a portal that both characters must access. Dodge deadly spikes and precarious drops as you navigate the treacherous path. Make sure to gather all the delectable candies strewn throughout the kingdom, as only by collecting all the sweets can you activate the portal and progress to the succeeding level.

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